Hello! I'm Mihai Teodor.

I'm an Interior designer in Iași, Romania.

I started to be interested in what I would later discover to be an interior designer when I started to like to draw. My education followed my passion for drawing, and so, in 2000, I graduated from the Art High School, Tulceapainting department. In the same year, I got approved for the Design Courses at the George Enescu University of Arts in IașiFor this university, I continued to work as a preparator for another two years after graduation. Almost simultaneously, I worked remotely with Atelier D.H.C. from Miami and other local collaborators eighter as an interior designer or as an industrial/product designer.

With the advent of computer design software, I found myself among the first generations to adopt these new working techniques. I am working with computers since the 2000s; software that now launches the 20th edition; I have known them since their first one. Good knowledge of these representation techniques, and therefore, a good representation of the projects before putting them into practice is an advantage that my clients and collaborators have appreciated over time.

Between 2007 and 2009, I worked with the A.R. Interiors, Barcelona, ​​as an interior designer, where I had the opportunity to design but more interestingly - I held the luck to execute the designs I was thinking of.

Momentan, împreuna cu echipe de execuție locale și distribuitori locali sau internaționali execut proiectele de design interior pe care le concep aici, in Iasi.

Fie ca un client optează sa facem execuția integral sau doar proiectul de design interior împreuna, acesta se bucura de întreaga experiența acumulata în 8 ani de studii, 20 de ani de experiența în proiectare și 10 ani de experiența în execuția integrala lucrărilor.

If you are reading this and thinking that you need help in designing the interior of a space, or you only want to take it off your responsibilities, and see it done without taking much care of it, then do not hesitate to contact me. I can plan for you a custom project based on your needs. Then, I can execute it to full completion.

I am available at +40 751 742 016, e-mail: mihaiteodor@mihaiteodor.com or on Skype at mihaiteoro.

For further information, we invite you to access the contact page of this site.

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