Our services in 6 simple steps

1. Hand-Drawn Sketches.

Interior design services, like anything else, start from the first sketch. In the first phase, we design 15 croquis, drawn by hand, regarding the possibilities that space has to offer. At this phase, we debate various ideas regarding the functional division of space. Of these 15 sketches, we will choose 3, which we will present to you a 3D rendering. We mainly define problems related to functions. After a meeting, we decide how we should continue. You either find a sketch that you like, or you may find two good ones, and so we will combine them, or you may find none good or all of them. We continue according to the conclusions of this meeting towards the definition of a concept.

2. Concept.

In this phase, we mainly define issues related to aesthetics. We envision the color palette, the materials, the furniture models, etc. We dig into more details about the decorations or what type of furniture or finishes should we use, and other aesthetic problems. Once completed, we meet to see how we should finish our project.

3. Final Booklet.

To complete the final booklet, we optimize the project's weak elements and continue with the project's technical definition. We will design for your booklet includes:

  • A 3D concept resulted from previous discussions as realistic photo images.
  • Functional technical drawings.
  • One area middle section.
  • Technical drawings for custom furniture.
  • Electrical installation technical drawings.
  • Sanitary installation technical drawings.
  • Technical drawings for false ceilings.
  • Technical drawings for gypsum walls.
  • Technical drawings for floor finishing.
  • Technical drawings for wall finishing.
  • Necessary for ceramic wall and floor tiles.

Finally, following an interior design project , a client has approximately 95% of the information necessary for implementation. Interior design services offered by the project by Design Interior Mihai Teodor S.R.L. also include site visits to clarify the project if a client chooses to arrange on their own.

4. Constructions & Installations.

We begin by demolitions, adaptations, plumbings, and electrical installations. Dumping periods of inactivity and through a good site organization, we can guarantee both speeds of execution and ensuring sufficient time blocks for correct and sustainable work crafts.

5. Furniture.

Furniture is crucial when designing an interior, both commercial or custom furniture. Regarding custom furniture, we can execute any model of furniture, be it solid wood furniture, chipboard, or M.D. furniture, with a wide range of finishes. Regarding the commercial furniture, we have direct contacts with foreign factories from the intra-community space, but also with local, Romanian distributors of furniture from all over the world.

5. Decoration and Details.

Decoration, as well as clothing accessories, can add style to an interior. We can provide customers with a series of creative solutions in this regard. We can bring collections of the most diverse curtains and drapes directly from foreign manufacturers or through domestic distributors so that your interior has a pleasant and original atmosphere.
The interior design services of our company focus on concretely finalizing an image down to the last detail. Finally, we deal with finishes and details.
A correct composition is one that the designer likes first, and then, most certainly, the client will also like it. With interior design services, landscaping can get a professional look easily visible to anyone.
And if what you read seems to you to be what you think you need, then do not hesitate to contact us.




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